Grass seeds are nothing to sneeze about!

Oscar, a 3 year old Maltese X Bichon Frise, had been sneezing a lot for a few days so his owners brought him to Manningham Veterinary Clinic. Dr Jo Wall performed a thorough examination on Oscar and was suspicious there might be something stuck up inside his nose. Oscar often goes on camping holidays with his family and had been running through long grass and amongst the bush.

To examine the inside of Oscar's nose he would need a general anaesthetic to ensure that he stayed very still. Oscar was placed on antibiotics to prevent any infection and was booked in for an anaesthetic the following day.

When Oscar arrived he was admitted into our hospital, examined again and placed on intravenous fluids in preparation for a general anaesthetic. All patients who undergo a general anaesthetic are placed on intravenous fluids. This protects their kidneys, allows close control of their blood pressure and helps to flush the anaesthetic drugs out of his body allowing for a faster recovery

While Oscar was anaesthetised Dr Helen Orbell examined the inside of his nostrils using a scope. She could see something inside his left nostril that was not meant to be there. Using a very small pair of forceps Dr Helen was able to gently remove a long grass seed from inside Oscar nose.

Oscar felt much better now that the grass seed had been removed and in a couple of days the inflammation will settle down and he should stop sneezing which will be a great relief. Stay out of the long grass Oscar!

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