George's Melanoma Scare

Over the past month we have been seeing George, a beautiful standard poodle.

George’s owner noted an unusual lump on her shoulder and brought her in to see Dr Ele. A small sample of cells were removed from the lump via an FNA (Fine Needle Aspiration.) These cells were then examined under a microscope, where Dr Ele had concerns of a possible melanoma, a type of skin cancer. 

Dr Ele recommended removal of this lump under a general anaesthetic.  Melanomas can be quite aggressive and spread to the body's organs if left untreated.

During the surgery to remove this lump, Dr Ele was sure to remove large margins around this lump to ensure as many of these nasty cells were removed as possible. The lump was then sent to the pathology laboratory for further analysis and was indeed found to be a melanoma.

Fortunately for George, her owners had noticed the lump when it was still quite small and it was removed quickly with wide margins. George then had a consultation with our medical consultant, Dr Sue Ramoo, to ensure no further treatment, such as chemotherapy, was needed.

Dr Sue has been consulting out of Manningham Vet Clinic every second Wednesday for the last few months and this service means that our clients and patients don’t need to travel to an unfamiliar specialist centre to have some of their more serious illnesses and diseases managed and treated.

Again, it was good news for George - she does not require any further treatment however we just need to check her regularly to examine for any further lumps or any changes to the spot where the lump was removed.

George can go back to enjoying her regular visits to the farm knowing that she has the all clear!