Freddie and Dudley - Brothers in Arms

Freddie and Dudley, "brothers" from the same household, came to visit us this month for their desexing. Freddie is a very sweet Fox Terrier and the lovely Dudley is a Maltese x Shih Tzu. Dudley was a straightforward castration, however poor Freddie's surgery was a little more complicated.

Freddie had a testicle that had not fully descended during his development. The testicles, when the pup is still a foetus, start up near the kidney and then gradually travel down to the scrotal sack. Unfortunately in some dogs, this migration does not fully occur, leaving some testicles in the groin or even in the abdomen, despite the dog reaching adulthood.

We recommend all dogs, not used for breeding, are desexed, however it is extremely important that these undescended testicles are removed, as they are far more at risk of becoming cancerous later in life, so it is best not to leave them there! Freddie's testicle was in his groin so was easily removed. He also had some retained deciduous teeth - this means his baby or milk teeth had not fallen out as the adult teeth came through. Again it is important that these teeth are removed as they affect the adult bite and dental health.

Freddie and Dudley are recovering well from their surgery and no doubt enjoying the pampering they are receiving as they recuperate!