Ellie's ultrasound

Ellie is a lovely schnauzer who spent a day in the clinic with us so she could have an ultrasound. She had a tumour removed from her back leg last year and her pre-anaesthetic blood samples showed some abnormalities. We tested her blood again a month later and, as the changes were still evident, an ultrasound of Ellie's abdomen was required to investigate the problem.

Ellie was sedated as she needed to be fairly still for the ultrasound. The ultrasound indicated some mild liver and adrenal gland changes but also picked up a stone in her bladder. The bladder stone is currently being treated, and her liver and adrenal changes are being monitored.

We recommend pre-anaesthetic bloods for all procedures for this reason - sometimes changes are present before our pets show any signs and it is best to treat these problems as early as possible.