Ellie's nasty lung infection

Ellie, a lovely little daschund, visited our clinic in December as she was feeling very unwell. Ellie’s owner had noticed her breathing was shallow and she was off her food and not her usual mischievous self.

Dr Cathy examined Ellie and noticed her breathing was increased and she had a mild temperature. Concerned that Ellie may have pneumonia, Dr Cathy took x-rays of her chest and also obtained a blood sample to check her white blood cells (the cells that fight infection in the body).

Ellie’s x-rays indicated that she had some abnormal material in her lungs and her blood test showed an increase in her white blood cells. The tests confirmed Dr Cathy’s diagnosis of pneumonia.

Ellie was placed on a course of antibiotics and she responded quickly. Fortunately too for Ellie’s owner, she had taken out pet insurance for Ellie so the majority of the costs were covered.

Ellie has fully recovered and is back to being her lovely self.