Dancer's 'Break Dance'


Little Dancer, a mischievous young tabby, came in to the clinic to see Dr Kelly a few weeks ago, as he had hurt his leg. He had suddenly become completely lame on his right hind leg. Dancer had some pain relief and was rested but was still very lame and sore on the leg. Dr Cathy checked him over again but he was too sore to allow much handling. Dancer required sedation so that Dr Cathy could examine his leg further and take some Xrays. It was soon very clear why poor little Dancer was reluctant to use his leg, he had fractured his tibia (shin bone) just above his ankle. This can be a very tricky fracture to repair, especially in a small cat like Dancer. It was decided to refer Dancer to a specialist surgeon to have pins placed in his broken leg.

His leg was pinned and a cast placed on. Dancer was very brave during the whole ordeal!

As we can’t explain to our pets that they need to rest up in order for recovery to take place, Dancer is now confined to a crate whilst his legs heals. He is healing well and coping with his confinement.

We have no idea how Dancer managed to fracture his leg - maybe he took the “break dancing” moves a little too literally!

We wish Dancer a speedy recovery, and we are sure he will be out and about in no time.