Coco's slippery kneecap

Coco is a lovely 2 year old French bulldog, whose owner noticed that she was becoming lame on her hind leg. The lamness was initially intermittent but then became more pronounced over the course of a few weeks. Coco came in to see Dr Belinda, who examined her and found she had a luxating patella on her left hind leg.

A luxating patella is where the knee cap (patella) is not held snuggly in the groove at the end of the femur (thigh bone). The patella then slips outside the groove and sits outside the knee. This can occur because the groove is too shallow to hold the patella in or the knee is aligned in such a way as to drag the patella out of the groove when the knee moves. Either way, this condition causes pain when it occurs and also results in the long term in arthritis and chronic discomfort.

Coco's luxating patella was causing her pain and disomfort, hence she was lame. After x-rays under anaesthetic to comfirm no other problems were present, Coco underwent surgery for her knee. The groove in which the patella sits was deepened and her knee was realigned to ensure more normal functional positioning.

Coco is now recovering well from her surgery and is being a model patient. She can now look forward to a future with a happy healthy knee, one free of chronic pain!