Charlie - our senior pet of the month

Charlie is a lovely 11 year old beagle who is in his senior years. Charlie developed a nasty cough last year and was examined at that time, where a significant heart murmur was heard. Charlie's chest was then x-rayed (radiographed)

and it was clear that his heart was enlarged due to a leaking heart valve. This was causing his cough and also some breathlessness and lethargy.

Charlie had some blood taken to check his liver and kidney function and was then started on some medication to help his heart. Charlie has not looked back once started on the medication, his cough has reduced and, as you can see, he is active and bright.

Heart disease like Charlie's, is just one of the problems that we can see with our older dogs. Other problems can include stiffness caused by arthritis, lumps and bumps, reduced vision and weight control issues.

If you have any concerns about your older pet it is a good idea to get them checked over - contact us for more information about a Seniors Health checkup. 

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