Cato the Belgian Shepherd and dressmaker

Cato is a beautiful, bouncy six month old Belgian Shepherd, who definitely has a taste for the unusual! He decided he wanted a career in fashion, so took it upon himself to try out a few dress-making pins that belonged to his two legged mum. He managed to swallow a couple of these tasty morsels.

Cato very promptly vomited the pins back up finding them not as yummy as the usual dog treats it seems. Unfortunately the other pin was nowhere to be seen. His owner brought him into the clinic, as she was not sure how many pins he had actually managed to swallow.

To determine if there were any more pins in his digestive system, Cato was sedated and radiographed (x-rayed). The radiograph is pictured below - you can see, we found there was another pin lodged in his stomach! Cato then proceeded to a general anaesthetic and Dr Annie Werner removed the pin surgically. Cato has recovered very well from the surgery and we hope he will leave the pins to the dressmakers in the future!"