Bus stop dog

We recently had a very lovely Golden Retriever brought into the clinic by a client who had come across her in a most unusual way. Whilst standing at a bus stop, the client noticed the dog, a recently speyed female, trying to board a bus. Having no success, the dog then attempted to board another bus! Realising this was not quite right, the client decided it was best if she brought the poor lost girl in to see us and maybe we could work out where she was heading.

After scanning her, we were all very pleased to see that she was microchipped! Owner and dog were successfully reunited and it was then that the story of the bus-stop dog became even more interesting.

The beautiful retriever was part of the "Drought Dogs Relief' program, which re-housed dogs who were once on farms/properties with new owners. Their new ‘city' owners were in a better position to care for them than their previous drought afflicted families could. A very worthy program for such a sad situation.

Her new family love her dearly, but have had some trouble with her escape antics, though they are positive that this problem will be rectified.

One wonders, was she trying to hop a bus to return to the country? We'll never know...