Buddy's Upset Stomach

Meet Buddy, a handsome Maine Coon that we got to know very well recently.

We first saw Buddy after he was seen at an Emergency Centre for an upset tummy after eating some rather questionable mince meat. He was feeling very sorry for himself, he wasn't eating and had been vomiting.

When he came to see us he was actually starting to feel much improved and seemed to be getting back to his bright and cheerful self with no more vomiting taking place and he was starting to eat again. We recommended close monitoring of Buddy over the next 24 hours and we were hopeful that he was on his way to a full recovery after his tummy upset.

Luckily for Buddy, his owners were very diligent at monitoring him closely and noticed that he was starting to become a bit lethargic and again started vomiting. We saw Buddy the next day and decided to do a blood test to investigate further and give us some more clues as to what might be the likely cause of his vomiting and in-appetence.

The blood results indicated that Buddy's internal organs were functioning well but he was starting to become dehydrated, as he was occasionally vomiting, not eating much and his bodies fluid balance was becoming unstable. It was decided to admit Buddy for intravenous fluid replacements and an ultrasound to further investigate.

The ultrasound showed us that mince meat wasn't the only thing Buddy had been eating! We could see that there was something lodged in Buddy's intestines that wasn't going to pass through itself. We updated Buddy's parents and a decision was made that the best thing for Buddy was to get this out ASAP.

This needed to be done surgically in a procedure called a 'foreign body exploratory laporotomy'. This is where we enter the patients abdomen to explore and remove anything that shouldn't be there. This type of procedure is a lot more commonly performed on dogs, especially Labrador's who like to eat lots of weird and wonderful things.

Buddy was stable enough to have this procedure performed the same day, so he was placed under a general anaesthetic and had his tummy shaved and cleaned for his surgery. During the surgery Buddy was monitored closely by Nurse Penny, while Dr Cathy located and removed the foreign object.

Buddy's owners were called to let them know the surgery was a success! We explained the look of the object and they knew exactly what it was - a piece of rubber from an old Croc shoe they has seen Buddy playing with a few days earlier but never thought he would have been silly enough to eat it.

Buddy made a fantastic recovery from his surgery and was obviously feeling better as he was eating again and back to his cheeky self by the following day.  Buddy's parents now keep a close eye on things that he is playing with to avoid any more problems like this in the future.