Awkward tumble fractures Riley's leg

Riley is a gorgeous young Cavoodle puppy who was recently in the wars. He was playing at home and tumbled awkwardly onto his back legs. He then started crying and was holding one of his legs up - it was very sore!

Riley came into the clinic and was seen by Dr Belinda, who after examining him was very concerned about his left back leg. Riley was too sore to examine conscious so Dr Belinda administered an anaesthetic and x-rays of his leg were taken.

The x-rays showed that Riley had fractured his tibia or shin bone. No wonder he was so sore! He was given some pain relief and was referred to a specialist surgeon in Kensington. Fortunately for Riley, his fracture was diagnosed as undisplaced and so did not require surgery but confinement for 4 to 6 weeks was required.

X-ray shows Riley's fractured leg

Keeping a young pup confined and quiet for that long can be quite a challenge, but Riley's owners managed well and we are happy to report that Riley has recovered completely. His leg has healed well and he is back to his puppy ways!