Augusta a first time mum

Our clinic was full of awwws when Augusta the beautiful dachshund visited us with her five puppies after giving birth to them. Augusta is a first time mum and she did extremely well giving birth smoothly, and is now comfortably feeding and taking care of her babies.

The pregnancy in dogs is approximately 57 to 65 days with an average of 63 days. If you are thinking of breeding your pet, it is important to get your pet examined by the vet to ensure he/she is in good physical condition prior to mating. Their vaccinations, worming and flea treatment also need to be up to date.

Once mating is successful, it is ideal for the expecting mum to be examined by the vet. The vet will discuss ways to confirm the pregnancy as well as predict the time of birth. Any problems you may encounter during the pregnancy and post-partum, nutrition and other queries can also be discussed. The mum-to-be should also be fed a well-balanced high quality dry food.

Our vet Dr Cathy checked over Augusta after she was mated, and also examined her again along with her babies two days after the birth. Both mum and puppies are looking healthy, and the "grandparents" are very pleased.

Augusta nurturing her puppies Augusta's puppies cuddling