Abnormalities in old Bonnie's ovaries

Bonnie is a mature Labrador girl that our Head Nurse Penny has inherited from the country. Bonnie had not been desexed when Penny got her and has had a number of litters.

Head Nurse Penny with Bonnie

As Bonnie is an older dog, we conducted some pre-anaesthetic blood tests on Bonnie to check the status of her liver and kidneys before she had her desexing procedure. The results came back fine so we performed Bonnie's desexing procedure.

During the procedure, it was found that Bonnie had some significant abnormalities in her ovaries. It was lucky for Bonnie that she was re-homed with Penny and then desexed immediately as these abnormalities could well have led to some more serious complications down the track.

Undesexed female dogs are at a far greater risk of developing mammary cancers (breast cancer) and infections in their uterus and potentially ruptured ovarian cysts. This is why we strongly recommend desexing pets at 5-6 months of age as this eliminates or reduces the risk of these issues.

Bonnie has recovered well and now just needs to learn to not dig in the new tan bark!