A timely reminder for cat owners

Nessie is a six month old Scottish Shorthair cat who came in to be spayed by Dr Ele. Nessie had a rough start in life with chronic bowel problems but is now doing much better. Nessie's ovario-hysterectomy was performed under general anaesthetic and she is now recovering well.

Nessie provides a timely reminder of how important it is to get your kitten spayed when they are between five and six months of age, to avoid having unwanted kittens who cannot find homes. Desexing your cat is part of the responsibility of pet ownership. Spring is when most cats start coming into heat so if your cat is not desexed yet please contact the clinic so we can arrange a time to spay or neuter your cat. The surgery is a day procedure and the sutures are removed ten days after surgery. For male cats there are no sutures and they recover very quickly.