A Tale of Two Socks

There was some laundry trouble for one of our clients last month, in the way of two socks disappearing. Unlike the usual sock disappearance where we can never locate them again, these socks were swallowed by the resident Labradors.

Firstly, Quita, who is a Seeing Eye Dog puppy-in-training, came in to see Dr Cathy, after she had been vomiting for a day or so and was very unwell. She was off her food and this was very unlike her.

X-rays of her tummy indicated the possibility of an obstruction and this was confirmed during the day by an ultrasound of her abdomen. Dr Cathy and Dr Ele then performed surgery to remove the obstruction - a large sports sock which had managed to get quite a way down her digestive tract before becoming stuck and causing her illness.

Quita was well on the way to recovery when Isaac, her housemate, started vomiting. Isaac was quite bright and happy for a day or so but then went off his food, so ended up at the emergency centre, out of our normal operating hours, where he was placed on an intravenous drip. He also had x-rays and an ultrasound of his tummy and it turns out there was an obstruction in his stomach too! Isaac had surgery at the emergency centre and sure enough, there was the trouble, a sock caught in his bowel, possibly the matching sock to Quita's!

Both dogs have recovered well and we all hope that their sock eating days are now over.