A rabbit's adventure - Milk's orthopaedic surgery

Dr Jenny's daughter Annie is in Grade 5 and they have a classroom pet bunny called "Milk". Milk is only a few months old and is still getting used to the doting attention of all his carers- he has "sleepovers" at class members homes on weekends- and sometimes he gets a little overwhelmed. This was demonstrated by returning back to the classroom after one sleepover misadventure with a nasty fracture in his hind leg.

Fortunately for Milk, Annie was quick to his aid and Milk had a sleepover at Manningham Vet Clinic to get all fixed!

Milk's hind leg was x-rayed which confirmed a fracture in the tibia and fibular (shin bones) and the decision was made to undergo orthopaedic surgery to repair the injury under general anaesthesia. The fracture was stabilized using an indwelling bone pin and once Milk had fully recovered (involving a number of sleepovers at Dr Jenny's home much to Annie's delight) he was sent back to the classroom with strict instructions to keep activity to a minimum to allow the bone to heal.

After 8 weeks, Milk was reassessed at the clinic to have the bone pin removed and to be desexed. He was moving very well with no apparent lameness. The leg was rex-rayed to confirm good healing before proceeding to take the bone pin out and here we all got quite a surprise. The leg had healed very well but there was no bone pin! We assume it must have made its way out of the bone and be lying about in someone's backyard.

Fortunately, this made for quicker surgery the second time around as all we had to do was desex Milk (castration as he is a male rabbit), instead of removing the pin as well. He again recovered well from the surgery and Dr Jenny hopes that any more visits to the clinic will just be for routine checkups!

You can see here how the fracture has been straightened using a pin