A not so tasty snack for Tammy the Maltese Terrier

Tammy Di Natale is an 8 year old Maltese Terrier who got herself into a spot of trouble a few weeks ago. Tammy was bought into the Manningham Veterinary Clinic as she had been very quiet, had a painful tummy and a very bruised and sore eye.

Dr Ele examined Tammy and was concerned that Tammy may have had access to some Rat Sac in the garden shed 4 days ago. Dr Ele took some of Tammy's blood to test if it would clot and unfortunately the test showed that Tammy had a very delayed clotting time. Her packed cell volume (the number of red blood cells in her blood) was also very low which meant that it was likely that the Rat Sac had damaged Tammy's ability to clot her own blood and instead, she was bleeding into her abdomen and eye.

Dr Ele referred to Tammy to the Animal Emergency Centre where Tammy had a blood transfusion and special blood products to stop her bleeding. She went home with some Vitamin K syrup, which allows for Tammy to continue clotting her own blood.

Tammy is now doing well although she has to stay on her Vitamin K syrup for at least 6 weeks. She will also need to have a repeat blood test to check that her blood is clotting ok in a few months time.

Tammy's dad now keeps the Rat Sac under lock and key because it tastes delicious for Rats and also for nosey dogs like Tammy!

We at Manningham Vet Clinic advise that if you have a curious dog, avoid using rat sac at all times and try to find other, safer ways to control unwanted vermin!