A hop, skip and a jump too far for Ollie

Ollie is a lovely and lively 6 month old dwarf rabbit. A few weeks ago Ollie was found out of his house with a very sore left hind leg. Ollie had made a break for freedom but sadly broke his foot on doing so.

Dr Zoe radiographed Ollie's leg and found that he had fractured three of his toes - as the xray below shows.

Ollie was placed into a strap and the x-ray was emailed to a rabbit specialist. The recommendation was made for Ollie to have his leg support bandaged for some weeks. So Ollie's leg was strapped and he was confined in his hutch.

Ollie became the master of bandage removal and escaped! But despite this, he managed to keep the bandages on long enough for the leg to heal. He is now hopping about well and back to his cheeky self.

Although Ollie could possibly give our Olympians a few tips on high jump, let's hope he refrains from attempting it again himself!

X-ray of Ollie's broken toes (see right x-rayed foot)