A fresher smile for Chloe

We recently had the lovely Chloe stay with us for the day in the hospital to have her teeth cleaned. Chloe was vaccinated earlier in the month and it was noted then that her teeth were stained and had tartar build up. The following week she returned for a scale and polish of her teeth under anaesthetic.

Dental disease is one of the most common problems we see at the clinic. It is often a problem that as owners we don't notice because dogs and cats will continue to eat and behave normally even with advanced and painful dental disease. Signs to look for in your pet are stained teeth, build up of tartar, reddened gums, bad breath (halitosis), rubbing at the mouth and eating only on one side.

If dental disease gets very bad we sometimes need to extract teeth. Fortunately for Chloe her dental disease was caught early and she required no extractions. Now after cleaning her teeth we can start preventing any further dental problems.

If you are concerned about your pet's dental health please give us a call and schedule a dental check. Like Chloe they may need a fresher smile!

Before Chloe's dental clean After Chloe's dental clean