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  • Meet Phoebe

    When Phoebe's elderly mother broke her leg she had to find a place for Phoebe to stay while she recovered. Phoebe has been staying upstairs in our cattery, being pampered and looked after by us for the past couple of months now.

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  • Senior Sarah's burst infected lump

    Sarah is a lovely 14 year old Jack Russell Terrier who came to see us in May for a large, infected lump on her back that had burst.

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  • Rufus' sore ears

    Rufus is an energetic, one year old Groodle who was brought in to see us after his owner noticed him shaking his head a lot.

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  • Koko's osteoarthritis

    Koko is a 10 year old Spoodle whose body was slowly not keeping up with his energetic personality.

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