Project Underdog Rescue

Did you know that Manningham Vet Clinic also supports local animal charities?  Our Practice Manager, Eva, is the founder and director of Project Underdog Rescue and volunteers her time outside of work to run the organisation.

Project Underdog Rescue was established in April 2015 and is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing companion animals in need.  Eva has a strong focus on providing an individualised, high standard of care for each animal rescued.  This means that every animal gets any medical treatment/ workup that has been recommended by a veterinarian.  This includes things like dental treatments, blood tests, Synovan (arthritis) injections, a yearly Proheart heartworm injection for dogs, orthopaedic surgery, ultrasound and feeding all pets super premium diets.  

Since January 2016, Manningham Vet has successfully re-homed 31 adoption cats and kittens as part of our adoption partnership with Project Underdog Rescue. We are  also very proud to say that majority of them were adopted in pairs so they'll always have each other for company!  

Thank you to all who have contributed your hard earned money into the Project Underdog Rescue donation tin.  Once the tin is full, we will let you know how much we have raised.  If you're interested in adopting a rescue dog or cat, fostering one or maybe even volunteering for Project Underdog Rescue, then be sure to chat with Eva next time you're in the clinic.  Alternatively, visit her website